In 2007 Pádraic completed an MSc in Environmental Protection, researching the quality of the ‘Flora and Fauna’ chapter in a sample of Environmental Impact Statements from across Ireland. The findings showed that much needs to be done to raise standards in this area and ensure that the process of Environmental Impact Assessment works to protect and enhance Ireland’s natural resources.

The Flora and Fauna study is an essential component of Environmental Impact Assessment. OPENFIELD adheres to the EcIA methodology as prescribed by the Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM). This includes scoping, stakeholder consultation, literature review, site survey, impact prediction and quantification, mitigation and follow-up monitoring. OPENFIELD believes that the best developments are those that result in ‘no net loss’, or even enhancement, of the natural resource.

Since 2007, OPENFIELD has carried out in excess of 60 such studies for projects ranging from housing developments, wind farms, quarry extensions and sports stadiums.

Clients include John Spain & Associates, the Dublin Docklands Development Agency, Bovale Developments, McGill Planning, Park Developments, Gannon Homes, Gaeltech Energy, John Craddock Ltd., Declan Brassil & Company, Lagan Cement, Irish Asphalt, Tom Philips Associates, the Housing Agency, Kilkenny county council and Louth county council.